Frequently asked questions

  1. What separates GO4IT Health (Formerly My Neat Health) products from all of the other meal replacement products out there?


    It all starts with our ingredients. We manufacture all of our products inside the United States using nothing but the highest quality ingredients. Most people complain that meal replacements and protein-fortified foods have a funny after taste. This is not the case with our products. We offer products that are completely nutritionally balanced (including vital vitamins and minerals), and are delicious to boot!


  2. Can I really lose weight on GO4IT Health products?

    Absolutely. This is what GO4IT Health products are made for. Everything we produce is low in calories and high in protein, which means that they will keep you in a caloric deficit without leaving you hungry. Mix and match some of our products until you find the right meal plan for your personal journey. You will quickly discover that it is not difficult to achieve and maintain a caloric deficit while eating GO4IT Health food.


  3. Can anyone use GO4IT Health products?

    GO4IT Health products are made for everyone. They are safe for children, adults, pregnant women, and senior citizens. They can be a part of an overall balanced diet, or they can be used for weight loss. If you plan on using GO4IT Health products in your weight loss journey, consult a physician to make sure that you are not going into too much of a caloric deficit.


  4. Are GO4IT Health Products Kosher?

    Why yes, they are! GO4IT Health Shakes and Bars are certified Kosher by Earth Kosher.


  5. How do I know how much protein I need?

    Everybody is different, but generally speaking an adult needs 0.5 grams of protein for every one pound of lean body mass. Calculate your individual needs with this lean body mass calculator, or consult a physician or registered dietician.


  6. Do GO4IT Health products work for people with soy allergies?

    Sadly, no. Many of our products have soy protein in them. Do not use our products if you are allergic to soy.


  7. Do GO4IT Health products work for vegetarians?

    Yes! No meat products are used in the manufacturing of GO4IT Health bars and shakes. They can be a part of a healthy vegetarian diet.


  8. Do GO4IT Health products work for vegans?

    Unfortunately, no. Our products do contain milk protein, so avoid them if you are on a strictly plant-based diet.


  9. Can I over-do it on protein?

    You can overdo it on any macronutrient. Too much protein can lead to weight gain. It is vital to calculate your own individual protein needs. Anything you take in beyond your needs will be converted into sugar, and from there into fat. GO4IT Health products offer balanced macronutrients, but it is still important to track your individual protein intake if you plan on using a variety of GO4IT Health products.


  10. Do GO4IT Health products contain Stevia?

    No! Unlike most other meal replacement products, we use natural sugar in our products, but in extremely limited quantities. We use just enough to taste and are mindful not to go overboard. Our goal was to create genuinely delicious-tasting products that do not leave an unpleasant after-taste.


  11. Are GO4IT Health products suitable for people with diabetes / diabetics?

    Yes. GO4IT Health products are suitable for people with diabetes due to the low sugar content but any consumption of meal replacement and health supplement products should be done in consultation with your medical professional.