Apple Cider Vinegar CHALLENGE!!! First of its kind. Weight Loss with Dr Nat MD

Apple Cider Vinegar CHALLENGE!!! First of its kind. Weight Loss with Dr Nat MD

Hello and welcome to weight loss with Dr. Nat. This is an Apple cider vinegar challenge. Wait I am not challenging you to drink apple cider vinegar. I am going to clear 10 lies about ACV being provided on YouTube and I challenge the people presenting this information or anybody supporting them or these claims to prove me wrong. But before you do that like, comment; subscribe to Weight loss with Dr. Nat.

Most of these videos didn’t make any medical sense to me and after listening to some of them, I almost fell off my chair.

I think it is also interesting that most of the videos I watched have a disclaimer at the bottom of the description that states something like “This is my personal opinion and please consult your doctor before making any changes.” Ok if this is your personal opinion say it in the beginning of the video or somewhere in the video. Don’t present your personal opinion as medical facts.

Before we dive into these claims I would like to say that ACV or any vinegar for that matter has shown to decrease the speed of digestion and will give you the sensation of fullness because food stays in your stomach longer. If this makes you eat less, you will lose some weight. Your blood sugars and your cholesterol numbers will also improve slightly.

Eat better; eat less. Lose weight so that you need less medication. The less pills you take the better off you are Ok so let’s dive in.

1. ACV has this wonderful thing called the MOTHER and the mother has pectin, which is so awesome and good for you. Pectin is a soluble fiber. There is no mention of any fiber on the most promoted ACV bottle (Bragg). Just think about it, If there was an amazing magical nutrient in anything don’t you think the company would put it in bold print right on the top? There is no Pectin in ACV and the mother, the father, the brother, the sister; what ever you want to call it has no significant value.

2. ACV is RAW means it is rich in enzymes. Ok guys enzymes are made of protein. The label on this bottle says there is no protein in it, so what are these RAW enzymes made of? There are no enzymes in ACV.

3. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used ACV over 2000 years ago. Hippocrates used Vinegar on patient’s wounds, which is an external use. There were no better antiseptics 2000 years ago. Would you let your surgeon just rub ACV on your skin before cutting you open. I don’t think so. I could not find any reference that he told patients to drink it.

4. ACV speeds up digestion. No it doesn’t. It slows down absorption of sugar and it slows gastric emptying. That means food stays in your stomach longer. It clearly shows this fact in experiments on diabetics. So patients with gastroparesis (slow gastric emptying) should not take ACV.

5. ACV controls bad bacteria in the intestine. Ok let’s looks at the facts. Acetic acid (the main component of Apple cider vinegar) is completed absorbed in the small intestine. Most of the 20 feet of the small intestine in most people has no bacteria. that means there is nothing to kill. In the last 1-5 inches there is a 50% chance of finding some bacteria, but wait the acetic acid has already been absorbed by the body, so it is not even there to kill anything.

6. ACV is the treatment of Diabetes. t does decrease blood sugars slightly, which is not enough in treating Diabetes. It is not a recommendation by any world expert on Diabetes. 7. ACV balances your pH. It does no such thing. Please watch my video titled Apple cider vinegar and weight loss-The Truth to learn about this in detail. 8. ACV helps to release bile and pancreatic enzymes. No it doesn’t. Ok so in a normal healthy human being, the stomach acid interacts with food and when this food gets into the beginning of the small intestine it activates certain chemicals. These chemicals lead to the release of bile and pancreatic enzymes through a very complicated pathway. This will happen with or without ACV or any other vinegar for that matter.

9. ACV Gives a more complete breakdown of protein. That is not true. Enzymes in the stomach breaks the protein down to amino acids. Further breakdown and absorption happens in the small intestine where the ph is less acidic. This will happen perfectly well with or without apple cider vinegar.

10. ACV stimulates immune system. I could not find any study that suggested that. Can you please point out where you are getting your information?

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