Bad advice can KILL you!!

Bad advice can KILL you!!

Would you take your car to a Heart Surgeon for repairs?

Would you go to the barber with a sore foot?


Well then why do so many people trust their health to people who are not educated or trained to treat them?

As medical professionals, my colleagues and I have spent many years studying and learning about the human body and understanding the science behind medical treatment. So it is extremely upsetting when we see people get hurt and even die because they didn't get the right advice for their medical conditions.

It broke my heart to learn of the 13 year old child that died due to terrible advice his family were provided by a herbalist. The child had type 1 diabetes, which means his pancreas was not creating the insulin he needed. Rather than advising the family to see a medical professional, the herbalist advised them that insulin is poisonous, and to use oils to treat diabetes. The child died as a result. The Herbalist got a light prison sentence and his business continue to operate! How can we allow this.

Did you know that herbalists need less than a year or less of training? they are not medical professionals! Don't get me wrong, natural remedies can have a role to play in holistic health and wellbeing, but their role and benefits are often overstated and tragically can lead to death.

To make matters worse, companies selling bogus products are buying fake reviews to site like Amazon to mislead consumers! Check out some of these reviews. Fortunately, the Federal Trade Commission is now starting to shut these operations down! Unfortunately, there are many more companies out there selling products that can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. Be careful, always look for obvious signs.

Anyone that claims that their products will help you lose weight overnight, or make you feel great over night, or anything that sounds too good to be true - well my friends, it probably is!

Your health is not a game, and you need to be careful when selecting which products to purchase. Look at the credentials of the people selling. Are they medical professionals? or they experts in the field? do they have the right training and education? If not, then run away as fast as you can. Many of these people place BIG DISCLAIMERS on their youtube channels and websites - I WANT YOU TO READ THE DISCLAIMERS!

They disclaimers normally stating some like - "The information presented here is my personal opinion, and is not medical advice. You should consult your doctor". I want your help. If you see something that seems too good to be true - let me know. send me a message, or leave a comment. I will personally look into the matter and get back to you! I want to help people and make sure they are getting the right medical advice for their health and wellbeing.

Stay safe, take care and remember to be careful of anyone that claims to have magic cures for all ills.

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