I have lost it! Week 2. How to lose weight? Weight loss with Dr. Nat MD.


How to lose weight - losing weight is not about finding a quick fix -- it's about finding a lifestyle and the habits that will work best for you you'll be amazed at how quickly. It is also about making it more convenient so that it can work with today’s busy life. Let’s face it, who has the time.

Something that will make you live longer, make you feel more energetic, enhance your mood and make you feel young.

I lost around 50 pounds and maintained it for 2 years. Then I came up with a crazy idea to gain weight and lose it with everybody on YouTube. I have already lost 10.4 pounds. This is not an all or non-diet. Make whatever change you can, any change is better than no change. I want to lose more, let’s do it together.

My Neat Nutrition Bars and shakes are delicious and have all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, so no need to take any other supplements. This plan will help you lose fat and not muscle. Remember there is a difference between being healthy skinny and being skinny. Make sure to watch the Lost It series, where i discuss Keto diet and how your body can enter Nutritional Ketosis without applying all the hype. I will also produce a special video soon to discuss Apple Cider Vinegar. There is a lot of discuss on the internet regarding the Apple cider vinegar, and I will separate myth and facts in my next video.

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