Meditation Offers Many Health Benefits

Meditation Offers Many Health Benefits, Such as Reduced Food Cravings

If you’re utilizing My Neat Health’s meal replacements, shakes, bars, drinks, etc., to improve your overall health, you may want to look into the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. The practice of meditation goes back thousands of years, but studies of its health benefits are relatively recent… but promising. 

What is Meditation?

The National Cancer Institute defines meditation as “ A mind-body practice in which a person focuses his or her attention on something, such as an object, word, phrase, or breathing, in order to minimize distracting or stressful thoughts or feelings.” The Mayo Clinic states, “Meditation is an umbrella term for the many ways to achieve a relaxed state of being. There are many types of meditation and relaxation techniques that have meditation components. All share the same goal of achieving inner peace.”

There are many types of meditation, such as guided, mantra, transcendental, and mindfulness meditation. Meditation can be done just about anywhere and does not require any special equipment. Anyone – regardless of their physical health – can practice most types of meditation. But not all meditation is done sitting still with your eyes closed. Qui Gong, Yoga, and Tai chi are moving meditation forms.

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

According to Prevention magazine, “…practicing meditation trains your mind to focus your awareness on the present, which can help you achieve that coveted Zen. This state of calmness doesn’t just feel good—it’s actually good for your health, too. Even mainstream medicine is starting to acknowledge the ancient practice as research surrounding its benefits grows.”

Here are ten potential benefits of meditation:

  1. Reduce stress – Chronic stress can contribute to many health issues, such as digestive issues, high blood pressure, weight gain, and more. The Mayo Clinic calls meditation “a simple, fast way to reduce stress.”
  2. Help reduce food cravings – One study found that mindfulness may help reduce cravings for food and drugs.
  3. Improve focus, memory, and mood – According to the National Library of Medicine, “Brief, daily meditation enhances attention, memory, mood, and emotional regulation in non-experienced meditators.”
  4. Give your brain a boost – One study found that mindfulness training improved working memory capacity and GRE performance.
  5. Support the immune system -According to the University of Florida Health, “…meditation uses a coordinated network of core genes and regulators to unleash a positive effect on the immune system...”
  6. Slow the cognitive effects of aging – Medical News Today states, “… meditation can enhance mental abilities and protect against age-related cognitive decline.”
  7. Improve sleep – “Research suggests that various types of meditation can help improve insomnia, and may even improve sleep quality for those without existing sleep problems,” according to the Sleep Foundation. “Mindfulness meditation, in particular, appears to improve sleep quality and reduce daytime disturbance in people with chronic insomnia and older adults.”
  8. Lower blood pressure – Science Daily states, “Transcendental Meditation is an effective treatment for controlling high blood pressure with the added benefit of bypassing possible side effects and hazards of anti-hypertension drugs, according to a new meta-analysis conducted at the University of Kentucky.”
  9. Reduce pain – Harvard Medical School recommends this mindfulness meditation for pain conditions. 
  10. Fight off colds – One study found that meditation and exercise help reduce susceptibility to colds. 

Living Your Best Life

While meditation may have many health benefits, it is not a replacement for exercise and healthy eating. Start living your best life now with My Neat Health products. Our products are formulated by health experts and medical professionals and made in the U.S. to ensure the highest standards of quality and care. 

NOTE: Use of meal replacements and health supplements should be done in consultation with your medical professional.

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