Secret for weight loss

Secret for weight loss

Are you looking for the secret for weight loss? Something that will work while you get your beauty sleep? Many out there will promise you the sun the moon and the stars. These are the supplements I take they will say and these will make you lose weight fast. Some will share health tips, some home remedies for weight loss. Some will promise secret tips for weight loss. Some will promise to help you learn how to lose belly fat.

There are many questions? What is the best diet for weight loss? What nutrition do I need? How much protein do I need? Should I do keto? Is keto safe? Should I do intermittent fasting? Is intermittent fasting safe? What food should I eat and how much? Should I try home remedies for weight loss? What makes you overeat: Is it stress, boredom, eating fast, excess snacking, too many sugary drinks or something else? Is Insulin BAD for me? What minerals and vitamins does my body need?

I my friend will take you on a weight loss journey. My weight loss journey. What i have learned as a medical doctor. A doctor who can help you lose weight the right way.

Just like anything else you need to be fully ready to lose weight. Are you ready? You need blood work: CBC, CMP, A1C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Folate, TSH, Free T4.

You might need a sleep study. This will get you started in good shape.

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